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Alternating Current Power Supply (AC)


When it comes to the Colouring of Aluminium special alternating current power supplies (AC Devices) are used.

Product Description:

The AC Device is mostly offered in oil-cooled design. For applications that call for relatively low currents the air-cooled version would be also possible. Due to the robust enclosure (IP 54) which is filled with insulating oil an installation in direct proximity to the tank is possible. By means of a special control unit different standard colours can be produced according to EUPAS.

Block Diagram / Functional Description:

The necessary control unit is featured with an individual ramp function as well as  several timing elements to produce different colour shades.

Customer Benefits:

Because of its robustness and easy handling the AC Device in oil cooling offers an attractive entrance for E-Coating Processes. A special control allows reproducible surface results. For individual use and respective surfaces we would recommend the power supply DCAC 100.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:2 x 400 V, 50 Hz + N + PE
Ambient Temperature:+ 35 °C
Protection Grade:IP 54
Finish:RAL 7032
Control Devices:1-fold = 1 colour shade
6-fold = 6 colour shades

Our Alternating Current (AC) Devices are available in the following sizes:

(Dimensions in mm)

AmpereWidthDepthHeightWeightOil Weight
5009008501500390 kg400
7509008501500450 kg400
10009008501500530 kg400
1500110010001600650 kg580
2000110010001600780 kg580
2500110010001600890 kg580
30001300110017001100 kg730
35001300110017001200 kg730
40001450110017001350 kg850
50001450110017001500 kg850



Digital (Higher/Lower)
Analog (0-10 V)

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