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RPP-1 Device


Within the past few years a lot of new special processes have developed in the plating industry. Due to the complexity of these processes a convenient power supply with individual pulse patterns is required.

Product Description:

The RPP-1 power supply was developed especially for the laboratory first contact and is therefore unbeatable as an initial model.
The easy menue-guided programming is carried out via a front-operated touchscreen. The RPP device is for DC, unipolar or bipolar operations. Furthermore, it is featured with 4 freely programmable segments starting with 1 ms pulse time. As an option, the RPP pulse device is also featured with a PC interface.

Functional Description:

Input of the setpoint values and times in the respective segment settings. When pressing the enter key the desired pgoramme is stored. Programme starts by pressing ON/OFF.

Customer Benefits:

The air-cooled pulse device RPP fulfils all fundamental requirements for the use in small and laboratory plants and guarantees fast results.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:230 V +/- 10 %, 47-63 Hz
Rated DC Voltage:10 VDC
Rated DC Current:up to 50 ADC
up to 50 A forward,up to 50 A reverse
Efficiency:75 %...90 %
Ripple:<1 % in relation to the rated value
Adjustment:0...100 % of the output current /
output voltage
Control Accuracy:+/- 1 % in relation to the rated value
Ambient Temperature:0...35 °C
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