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AxD Smart Power Supplies (< 100 ms)


AxD power supplies have been developed especially to drive Periodic Pulse and Periodic Pulse Reverse processes used in the electrochemical industry.

PP and PPR Technologies are successfully applied for gold, silver, copper, nickel, zinc or chrome plating to gain a more regular layer composition requiring less material or improving the coating performance.

Typical processes for which AxD power supplies are used:

- Printed circuit boards applications
- Plating on plastic applications (POP)
- Printing Industry
- Precious metal plating

Product Description:

The power supply system AxD represents the most universal power supply solution for electro chemical applications and therefore re-defines the pulse current technology. The smart power supply solution for Periodic Pulse and Periodic Pulse Reverse processes featured with single or multiple high-current outputs for a better pulse distribution. AxD power supplies provide a very fast pattern change over times in comparison to standard PP or PPR power supplies, which results in the highest plating efficiency. Complex pulse shapes in msec. can be produced by AxD power supplies.
AxD power supplies are easily operated by means of the PC Software Visual Plating Controller (VPC). Therefore, AxD power supplies are featured with a PC interface to provide an industrial approved communication channel to a PC.

Customer Benefits:

Due to the outstanding performance of the AxD power supplies together with the easy-to-handle software tool VPC you can achieve the best process results.

Whether for the electroplating industry or the machining industry AxD power supplies precisley provide you with the current shape you are looking for.


Our AxD power supplies are available in the following sizes:

Compact 1-4 800 A 1800 A4,5 kW495 / 650 / 600 [mm]120 kg
Compact L 1-4 800 A 1800 A6,0 kW495 / 650 / 600 [mm]145 kg
Cabinet 1-8 2400 A 7200 A26 kW600 / 800 / 2000 [mm]660 kg
Cabinet L
1-8 3200 A 9600 A56 kW800 / 800 / 2000 [mm]960 kg

*1: Maximal available effective output current of the power supply
*2: Maximal available pulse current of the power supply
*3: Maximal available continuous output power of the power supply (air-cooled)
*4: + 150 mm height - external air supply for compact series; + 200 mm roof top exhaust fan for cabinet series
(Subject to modifications)

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