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VPC 3.0 Software


PC-based operating interface (HMI) for programming, monitoring, administration of programmes and storage of process data for Pulse Plating Processes and other conventional Electroplating Operations.

Prodcut Description:


  • User friendly design to create and administrate pulse patterns
  • Generation of clearly defined lists of patterns
  • Creation and administration of complete process programmes (Batch)
  • Current density mode
  • Effective current calculation (RMS)
  • Ah-metering
  • Logging and documentation of process data

In addition to the static pulse patterns, VPC can also generate dynamic pulse patterns. Dynamic pulse patterns can be adapted rapidly to the new handling by entering the according surface area. Hence, the handling is simplified even more.

The calculation of the effective current (RMS) is automatically conducted by the software itself, avoiding complexe calculation by the production personnel during production. Additionally, the termination of the process on the basis of consumed Ampere hours or time also belongs to the standard of VPC.

[Translate to English:] Funktionsbeschreibung:

[Translate to English:] Weitere Features:

  • Passwortschutz
  • Prozessinformationen auf einen Blick
  • Stromdichtebetrieb
  • Ah-Zählung
  • Prozessdokumentation

Customer Benefits:

The VPC Software stands out for its simple handling and user friendly design. Thanks to the digital data processing reproducible results are guaranteed.

Technical Data:

Windows-based Software
Hard Disc Capacity: > 5 MB

Installation is possible for Windows XP up to Windows 7



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