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Pro Ano Software


The PC-based Software Pro Ano takes on the task of process data logging for Hard Anodising, Anodising and Colouring Applications. It allows on-line checks to be carried out directly from the main control room.

Product Description:

Pro Ano helps you to achieve the number of loads you have already produced in a certain period and makes it possible to supply your customers with a copy of the production log with the touch of a button. The display screen in the main control room shows on-line which order is currently in production - and up to 8 individual controllers can be monitored in this way.

Thanks to the function „Simulation“ the user is able to get to know the Pro Ano software.


Rule out mix-ups: data transfer is carried out automatically. When used in conjunction with Pro Ano, the scanner frees you from expensive data logging at the process bath and the associated transfer of information afterwards.

Copying mistakes, transfer errors, incorrect order details - our scanner reads clearly and the Pro Ano logs and transfers data.

Customer Benefits:

Comfortable and targeted monitoring of Anodising and Hard Anodising Processes as well as Colouring of Aluminium.

Technical Data:

A special interface card as well as the necessary drivers are part of the delivery scope. Windows XP or higher and the MS Excel 2000 or higher is necessary to ensure smooth operation.

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