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Rectifier PSP 2540 - If height is a challenge


Individual use for processes where controlled DC power supplies are needed. Electrolytic Special Applications and Plating Processes.

Product Design:

High-efficient, ultra-compact switching mode rectifier in modern low-floor design. This easy-to-service rectifier is a complete modular device designed as a ready-to-go system to generate high DC quality. The rectifier is integrated in a robust premium coated steel sheet cabinet. DC output is achieved via copper bus bars at the backside of the device.

If height is a challenge please take a look at our PowerCabinet Nano Design in low-floor design.

Block Diagram:

The switch-mode rectifier is featured with the following five functions:
High-frequent disturbances are reduced in the mains filter (1). On the other hand the mains filter is used to dampen the interference voltages. The mains rectifier converts the voltage into DC voltage (2). The power electronics (3) then convert the DC voltage pulse width modulated into a staircase-shaped alternating voltage. The internal transformer (4) stands for a galvanic potential separation and voltage adjustment on the secondary side. On the output side rectification is achieved by fast power diodes (5). On the output side a constantly smoothed and fully controllable DC voltage is generated.

Customer Benefits:

The constant low ripple of < 3 % in the total control range allows the universal operation of this rectifier in low-floor design for various electroplating applications.

The rectifier is designed for remote control via analogue signals Profibus.
The integration of the rectifier in a robust and premium coated steel sheet cabinet guarantees an optimal protection according to IP 54.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:3 x 380...480 V / 50 Hz
Output Power max.:40 kW
Current Range upt to:max. 2500 A
Voltage Range up to:max. 25 V
Ripple:< 3 %
Duty Factor:100 % (24/7)
Efficiency:> 87 %
Water Inlet Temperature :+ 16 °C up to 30 °C
Ambient Temperature:up to 30 °C
Protection Grade:IP 54
Finish:RAL 7035
Dimensions (W/D/H):400/600/1500 [mm] incl. 100 mm plinth
Weight:170 kg


Setpoint and actual values:0-10 V (standard)
0-20 mA (optional)
Profibus DP or ProfiNET

4-20 mA (optinal)


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