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Multiple Output Rectifier Cabinet , water-cooled


Modern Electroplating Plants (e.g. plating on plastic POP, zinc alloys, etc.) but also partially automated small plants in the medical technology field.

Product Description:

The Multiple Output Rectifier Cabinet  is equipped with our advanced switch-mode DC rectifiers. This compact DC rectification system is based on modular technology, built into sturdy steel cabinets. The modular technology offers a unique blend of accessibility, flexibility, safety and reliability. A Central Cabinet which reliably supplies the entire galvanic tanks with direct current. Installed with a central feed-in this system offers the security-related selectivity and the communication-related components as well as the cooling concept with the relative rectifier modules in 19" plug-in technology. Cooling and circuit risks at the galvanic tank are therefore ruled out.

The Multiple Output Rectifier Cabinet is also available in air-cooling.

Block Diagram:

Customer Benefits:

The Multiple Output Rectifier Cabinets bundle all process cells in one central housing. Installation expenditure as well as the costs for an optimal cooling are vey low. The dangerous mains voltage remains in the cabinet and is unable to get into the tanks.

Multiple Output Rectifier Cabinet is a sustainable and robust concept which counters the corrosive ambient conditions at the tanks by offering maximum security to the user.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:3 x 380 - 480 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Duty Factor:100 %
Ambient Temperature:up to + 35 °C
Protection Grade:IP 54
Finish:RAL 7035




Analog 0-10 V / 0..20 mA
Profibus DP

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