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PSP Compact


Complex Surface-related Processes, Precision Plating Processes, Special applications in the water industry and in the field of renewable energies, pulse applications.

Product Design:

Compact, voltage and current controlled switch-mode technology. The rectifier is integrated in a tough steel casing which is intended for wall-mouting. The device can be activated via internal circuit breakers as well as the main contactor.

Communication takes place via analog setpoint setting (0-10 VDC). Actual values and setpoint inputs are galvanically isolated. The unit powers itself with the volume of fresh air which is required for the individual load conditions. One of the outstanding features of the PSP Family modules is the constant low ripple of less than 3 % which provides excellent DC quality.

Block Diagram:

The switch-mode rectifier is featured with the following five functions:
High-frequent disturbances are reduced in the mains filter (1). On the other hand the mains filter is used to dampen the interference voltages. The mains rectifier converts the voltage into DC voltage (2). The power electronics (3) then convert the DC voltage pulse width modulated into a staircase-shaped alternating voltage. The internal transformer (4) stands for a galvanic potential separation and voltage adjustment on the secondary side. On the output side rectification is achieved by fast power diodes (5). On the output side a constantly smoothed and fully controllable DC voltage is generated.

Functional Description:

The PSP Compact can either be featured with local operating elements and a measuring device or with a remote control. The unit powers itself with the necessary fresh air from the surrounding environment. In the lower connection area the interface, the additional assemblies as well as the fuse elements are located. By means of the main contactor a clear mains separation is possible. The blocking signal makes it possible to quickly switch-off the device.

Customer Benefits:

Compact device, easy to operate, constant low ripple (< 3 %).
The PSP Family rectifiers intended for wall-mounting are also applicable for unipolar pulse applications.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:3 x 380-480 V / 50-60 Hz
Efficiency:> 80-95 %
Current Range max.:1500 A
Voltage Range max.:600 V
Ripple:3 %
Duty Factor:100 % ED
Protection Grade:IP 21
Dimensions (W/D/H):490/300/912 [mm]
Weight:50 kg


X1, X2, X3, X4

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