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PowerCabinet Nano - The ideal choice if height is a challenge


In modern electroplating plants Central Multi Circuit power supplies are found very often. PowerCabinet - Nano rectifiers in low-floor design are used for POP (plating on plastic) and for zinc as well as zinc nickel processes.

Product Description:

PowerCabinet-Nano can consist of 6 individually controllable outputs, 16 V / 1500 A each.

Power Cabinet – Nano rectifiers are characterized by a constant low ripple of < 1 % - 3 %. The rectifier units are integrated in one central cabinet which reliably supplies the entire galvanic tanks with direct current and provides an excellent protection to the power circuits. Installed with a central feed-in this system offers the security-related selectivity and the communication-related components as well as the cooling concept. Cooling and circuit risks at the galvanic tank are therefore ruled out.

PowerCabinet - Nano is availabe in air or water cooling. Regarding the interfaces please have a look at our Multi-Circuit Power Supplies.

If height is a challenge please take a look at our water cooled rectifier PSP 2540 in low-floor design.

Block Diagram:

Customer Benefits:

All-in-one compact PowerCabinets - Nano are a sustainable and robust concept which counters the corrosive ambient conditions at the tanks by offering maximum security to the user. The modular rectifier technology offers a unique blend of accessibility, flexibility, safety and reliability.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage:3 x 380 - 480 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Duty Factor:100 %
Ambient Temperature:up to + 35 °C
Protection Grade:IP 54
Finish:RAL 7035
Dimensions:1200/800/1400 [mm]



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