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Rectifier Control Module, Type Profibus DP


Profibus DP is a Module for controlling various types of rectifiers.

Product Description:

The device is designed as a single-board module in an aluminium housing and via the PROFIBUS-DP record it provides 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs as well as 2 analog inputs and outputs. The 4 digital outputs are designed as relay outputs.
The digital and analog inputs and outputs are con-structed electrically isolated from the bus controller. The analog inputs and outputs each have a common potential and so mutually they are not electrically isolated from each other.
To adjust the analog inputs, corresponding potentiometers are available in the front. LED indicators show the condition of the digital inputs and outputs as well as of the PROFIBUS record.

Technical Data:

Supply Voltage:20-30 VDC galvanically isolated
Digital Inputs:4 (24 VDC), galvanically isolated
Digital Outputs:4 Relays, closer
Ambient Temperature:0...50 °C
Protection Grade:IP 20
Dimensions (W/D/H):40 / 150 / 290 [mm]

Article ID 2281   (60 mV)

Article ID 2282   (10 V)


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