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Current / Voltage Controller, Type UIB


The UIB Controller is a three-step controller. It is exclusively intended for being used as controller for Variable Ratio transformers installed in rectifiers.

Product Description:

The three-step controller serves to keep the DC output current or voltage constant at a preset setpoint value, depending on the external connection to a rectifier with Variable Ratio Transformer adjustment. The output voltage or current of the rectifier is fed to the controller as actual value and is compared with a voltage that is applied to the setpoint input of the controller. The difference between the variable to be controlled and the setpoint value is fed to the controller as input variable.

Block Diagram:

Technical Data:

Supply Voltage:230 V 50-60 Hz
 19 V - 357 VDC
Max. permissible output voltage of the rectifier:5 up to 28 V
Max. permissible shunt voltage
in case of current control:
50 - 60 mV
Setpoint input:Potentiometer or analog voltage 0 up to 10 V
Control accuracy:1 bis 5 % (adjustable)
Temperature Range:-20 °C bis + 50 °C
Dimensions (W/D/H):100 / 112 / 78 [mm]

Article ID 7470   (standard design)


Standard: X3

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