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Ampere-hour meter, Type CC 4000

Digital Precision DC Current Meter


The direct-current meter CC 4000 is specially designed for operation in Galvanic or Anodic Oxidation Industries.

Product Description:

Digital precision AC Ampere hour meter CC 4000 or weight meter with LCD display. Measurements in A sec, A min, A hour.

The CC4000 comes with two pre-programmed meters which work independently from each other.

Counter 1 is normally used for the control or weight processes whilst counter 2 is used as the background counter for the dosing pumps. The display panel is 6 digit. With the simple push of a button the display can be switched from counter 1 to counter 2.  Each counter is equipped with a relay output to activate an alarm system or to start a dosing cycle.

Customer Benefits:

Extremely flexible to use, the CC 4000 ampere meter has four counting modes, which can be assigned to both counters separately.

Technical Data:

Input Voltage:50 V-230 V /50 Hz
Input:< 5 W
Measurement Deviation:< 1,5 %
Display:LCD 6-digit
Output Signal Z1:potential-free closer
Switching Capacity:250 V / AC < 1000 VA
Output Signal Z2:potential-free closer
Switching Capacity:250 V / AC < 1000 VA
Dimensions (W/D/H):96 / 120 / 48 [mm]
Panel space measuring:92 / 45 [mm]
Built-in depth incl. plug, cable:140 mm
Weight:0.5 kg

Article ID 17733

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