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MUNK GmbH - We have the Power

Innovative thinking is the prerequisite for creating sustainable products. Therefore MUNK GmbH not just manufactures power supplies for the safe operation of your process but also consideres the development of new ideas as an investment in the future. As one of the leading manufactures of DC and AC power supplies for electrochemical processes we are vertically integrated and foster innovvative engineering.

All this is based on an extensive knowledge of designing rectifier for industrial applications in the range of 2 to 1,000 Volts and 10 to 100,000 Amperes.

MUNK is an internationally recognized partner

Our knowledge has been continuously developed over the past 4 decades during which we have established ourselves as an internationally recognized partner in the electrochemical industry, specialized in: Electroplating, Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium Anodizing, E-Coating, Water Treatment, Electrolysis for copper, zinc and chlorine, Melting.

"Action, not reaction" is our mission statement at MUNK GmbH. In fact, one out of ten of our team works in research and development, creating innovative products day after day. Nevertheless, we keep pushing our boundaries forward by working together with various European research institutes. We do not just buy parts and assemble power supplies, but manufacture all key components in-house. Consequently, MUNK GmbH has gathered unique expertise in power engineering thus being able to provide premium quality products.

With expert business partners accross the world in Australia, China, Singapore, Europe, USA and Brazil we pursue a "made in Germany" policy while at the same time offering worldwide presence and service.

Mission Statement

In order to offer the best service to our existing and new clients we continuously invent, reinvent, develop, engineer, manufacture, and service industrial power supplies without focusing on just one technology. It takes more than one solution to serve all applications in the very best way. It is our task and service to advise our clients on the most appropriate technology and to provide the most efficient, reliable and sustainable DC rectifiers and AC power supplies for various industries worldwide. Acting as a partner, expanding our capabilities and adapting them to our clients' needs drives us to perform better every day.

National and international membership

We are pleased to support the work of the below mentioned associations/organisations by our membership:

since 1989 member of VOA
Verband für die Oberflächenveredelung von Aluminium e.V.

since 2012 member of ZVO (DGO 1978-2013, FVO 2005-2011)
Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik e.V.

since 2003 member of DVS
Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V.
(German Welding Society)

since 2001 member of AAC
Aluminium Anodizers Council

since 2000 member of IHAA

International Hard Anodizing Association