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Titan Anodising

For many years titan materials have been used in the medical technology. Due to its good corrosion resistance titan offers significant advantages compared to other materials. Since there is no immunulogical rejection reaction titan is preferably used as an implant in the medical technology and dentistry.

For a better distinction titan can be anodised in colour. The colour spectrum ranges from brown, blue, yellow, violet to green and many more. The desired colour shade results from the coating thickness which is produced by a controlled process voltage. The typical voltage range is between 10 and 120 V.

High-quality products for your demanding process

When it comes to titan anodising a high level of reproducibility is important. Our high-quality psp family devices especially with multi functional display (MFD 10) are just the right products for this special process.

MUNK Products for Titan-Anodising