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Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium

Over the last century various anodising processes such as Eloxal processes, Hard Anodising Processes, Electrolyic Colouring and Electrolytic Polishing Processes have been developed to achieve the surface which serves the industry best. In each of these procedures aluminium is connected as an anode in contrast to other plating processes.

MUNK provides high-quality expertise and support

In order to achieve a high process security and reproducibility the special power supplies and process controllers offered by MUNK are the best basis for every user. Especially designed for practitioners the electronic power supply guarantees high efficiency and a long-life cycle (high protection garde IP 54).

Over the past almost 5 decades MUNK has continuously developed its knowledge and has establisehd as an internationally recognized manurfaturer with high-quality expertise in the field of Alumnium Anodising and therefore stands out from other providers. Thanks to the expert knowledge of our engineers we can support the customer intensively which offers him security and creates a contribution to his sustainable investment thinking. This is a necessary service in order to invalidate the false statements of other providers.



Products for the Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium